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Just Lashes People - IN THE MEDIA!!

Just Lashes at Professional Beauty Magazine - Industry Roundtable 9! Just Lashes were invited to participate in a round-table industry discussion about the importance of training in the beauty industry! The event was hosted by Professional Beauty Magazine who have been recognised as the 'bible of the beauty industry" for more than two decades. Multi-site franchisee - Bianca Polinelli represented Just Lashes. One of the topics was: What kind of training will you be implementing in your business this year? Bianca was quoted: "What we're really trying to work on, apart from customer service, is really knowing our complaints management process. No matter how hard you try, there is bound to be times that things go wrong. What's important is how you respond especially if it' a client who is unhappy." Delivering client service excellence is a continuous improvement focus for Just Lashes. We strive to give you the very best service and we are committed to ongoing training for our team members. We really do love your feedback, especially when it helps us to identify ways we can do things better. At the end of the day - its you're experience and we want to be able to tailor it so that you get what you most value! Let us know how we are doing for you? Feedback form: If you would like to watch the whole roundtable discussion it can be viewed here: Look for Roundtable number 9.

Just Lashes in Naluda Magazine! Twice! Just Lashes Director- Aleena Maney as well as Just Lashes Operations Manager - Hannah Deards were interviewed by USA based Naluda Magazine, which is an online site with celebrities, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and sports. As a business that has a predominately female workforce and predominately female client base, celebrating women and equality is important to us! The Just Lashes brand itself is about the empowerment of women, the right to feel beautiful and confident, to be able to be a busy mother and/or a career woman a woman while at the same time having fun, enjoying life and looking and feeling great! Lash Extensions is a lifestyle beauty treatment and one of pieces of the puzzle, that in conjunction with good health habits and quality relationships, we can really "do it all!" Aleena is a career woman and a mum of four. She started Just Lashes when her forth child was just 18 months old and hasn't looked back as the business has grown from strength to strength. Aleena has spent 20 years or more perfecting the work life balance and says "a perfect balance is imperfect. It's all about prioritising on a daily basis and ensuring that you're there for who ever and what ever needs you most in that moment, along with a contentment and knowing from within yourself that you're doing the best that you can." Hannah has been with Just Lashes for 10 years! The first few years as a client! Her love for the brand as well as her self-declared addiction to lash extensions, led her to a career with the company. Hannah's commitment and enthusiasm quickly evolved into career progression and she is now performs dual roles- at the Franchise Support Office as Field Manager and as Head Trainer with Lashtek Training, who is the exclusive training provider to Just Lashes. Hannah is also expecting her first baby in just a few short weeks! Another career woman/mum in the making and we can't wait to support Hannah in her journey. Read the articles here: Aleena Hannah

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