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Lash Mastery Training Opportunities

Classic Set
Russian Volume Set by Maddie T! 💖
Applying false lashes in a salon
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Plus: The Art of Threading, Lash & Brow Tinting, Lash Lifting, Brow Lamination.

The Holy Grail Methods of Lashing

With 14 years experience and dedication to the lash industry, we have delivered hundreds of thousands -if not millions of lash extension services to clients across our business.  We know our methods work!


Embark on a journey into the world of lash extensions with Aleena, our distinguished Director and Lead Trainer. Renowned for pioneering exclusive lash methods and techniques, Aleena's expertise is not only highly respected but also in high demand.Aleena has trained and passed on her skills and knowledge to many lash technicians, some who have gone on to win awards and become very successful in their own lash businesses.  Aleena extends a rare opportunity to delve into her lash wisdom.

Aleena has:

Won several International Awards, including:

•1st and 4th Place championships at Lash Wars, Las Vegas 2015, 2016

•1st Place champions in Lila Competition, UK 2016

•Nominated as Australia’s Best Lash Salon 2016 

• Has been a key note speaker at lash industry events in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and New Zealand. Was also invited to speak at an event in South Africa, and developed strong connections with the best of the best across Australia and world-wide.

• Presence in Lash Inc Magazine and has been featured in several online business and beauty blogs.

• Scaled her business to 10 salons across NSW and VIC

• Developed a range of high quality and Australian compliant supplies, is constantly scouring the globe for the new and improved.

• Created comprehensive lash training programs which has been internationally recognised and highly sought after.

• Is constantly seeking to improve her own mastery and has completed many courses with world-renowed lash masters from Russia, England, USA and Canada.

• Is a 2 x qualified Trainer & Assessor with a passion for bringing out the full potential in others and inspiring greatness.


One thing is for certain, Aleena truly knows what it takes to be successful in this industry. Her comprehensive knowledge extends to both the intricacies of becoming a skilled technician and the strategic acumen needed to excel as a savvy business owner.

Aleena is also offering mentoring and coaching, in either lash mastery or business. 1:1 Mentoring can be used for anything, for a skills assessment, to upskilling, to 1:1 training, business mentoring or coaching. This is on an application only basis .

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