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Just Lashes - Top 10 Finalist in Sunshine Pro Lash Competition!

The Sunshine Pro Series Lash Competition 2019 provides the opportunity for Lash Stylists to highlight their talent and skills.

Out of hundreds of entries we are thrilled to announce that Just Lashes will be represented in the Top 10 finalists, set to compete LIVE in Brisbane at the end of July 2019.

Elisha Geiser from the Greenhills (Maitland) salon, will be representing Just Lashes in the Russian Volume (student) category, says that she is "thankful to have had such amazing training, mentoring and support from my wonderful work family at Just Lashes." Elisha was first introduced to the lash-world a year ago in June 2018, when she undertook Classic lash extensions training (and employment) with Just Lashes. She quickly fell in love with the craft and completed her Russian Volume qualification in September - which is really impressive as it can take years to develop the skills for competition level workmanship.

We will be cheering and supporting Elisha at the Sunshine Pro Lash Competition in Brisbane!

The Top 10 Russian Volume Set.

This set takes between 2 to 2.5 hours to complete and is $250 to $300. We offer 10% off when you prepay and secure your booking.

The Russian Volume and Extreme Volume Sets are full and fluffy and is an advanced technique. We use extensions that are finer (in thickness) than those used in Classic lashes. The fine extensions are then made into 'fans' of 3 to 10 extensions and attached to one of your individual natural lashes.

When applied correctly, they will be perfectly safe, comfortable and damage-free. Be aware of 'cluster' lashes, often falsley advertised as Russian Volume. (Cluster lashes are thick, heavy and incredibly damaging)

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