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brow lamination 

A new European method of grooming the brows, giving a micro blading look using the natural eyebrow hairs! It can straighten,  reshape, realign, lift and change the direction of the hairs to create an amazing look that is to die for!  

Brow Lamination using perming type solutions, similar to that is used for lash lifting procedures, to first break down the structure of the hairs and then set it into place.

It is an amazing treatment to add to your Lash Lift or Lash Extensions and we include a complimentary Brow Tint with this service. 

We choose to use only the best and most reputable products and for Brow Lamination we use Elleeplex Profusion. 

  • Formaldehyde free

  • Advanced formulation containing nourishing and conditioning elements

  • Reduces over-processing of the brows

  • Creates the illusion of more even, groomed or thicker brows

  • Tames unruly brow hairs 

Note: It is recommended to wait 48 hrs before or after waxing with this treatment. We can however, apply a thread and tweeze hair removal technique in combination with this treatment.

Brow lamination pic.JPG
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