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refills and volume

Lash Extensions will last indefinitely with the right care and maintenance. Your eyelashes shed naturally as part of the cell renewal process, so when an eyelash falls away it will take the extension with it. We lose on average about 3 eyelashes per day, thats around 21 lashes per week. For this reason, you should expect to return every 2 weeks for refills. The longer you wait between refills the less lash lash extensions will remain.

Costs vary depending on the style chosen and how long it has been since the last appointment. Your Lash Specialist will discuss with you how refills work and rebook you for your next appointment.  Our salons can get very busy so we encourage to book ahead at all times.


Extra Volume

To ensure fairness for all, our refills prices are based on a set number of lashes. Sometimes you might like to add extra fullness to your lash extensions. This is called a Refill Boost. A Refill Boost is extra lashes applied and can be added to your refill appointment as an add-on. It is not valid by itself. 

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