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Packages and  T&C's

The savings specified for each package are calculated on the normal RRP of each service.

Clients may purchase as many lash packages as they like, however payment must be made upfront in full and the terms of our refund policy apply.

The full amount of the package is payable prior to commencement of any treatments.

Bookings must be made for each treatment within the package. Our salons can get very busy so we strongly suggest to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Appointments cancelled, missed or changed without 24 hours’ notice will be deemed to have been taken and deducted from the client’s package.

Treatments included in each lash package may be exchanged for other services provided by Just Lashes to the equal or less value. It can be split into part payments and only one package can be used at any one time.

All treatments within the skin package must be redeemed at the salon the package was originally purchased.

All packages have a 12 month expiry on redemption of treatments. 

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. 

Client’s must inform Just Lashes of any contra-indications, disease or disorder of the eye or compromised health and a consent and waiver form must be signed.

Just Lashes always recommend a patch test prior to treatment. It’s important to note that a patch pest will not guarantee a sensitive free experience, as allergic reactions can occur at any time even after wearing lash extensions for many years.

Client’s need to follow all at home care recommended by Just Lashes in the After Care Booklet.

There are four (4) package categories to choose from which include:

  1. and 2. Classic Refills Buy 6 Get 12% Off, Buy 12 Get 15% Off

  •      1 week, 2, week 3 week and 4 week packages

    3. and 4. Russian Volume Refills Buy 6 Get 12% Off, Buy 12 Get 15% Off

  •     1 week, 2, week 3 week and 4 week packages

Optional Add On Package

     3. Brow Threading & Brow Tinting Packs

  • x 3 treatments for $115 (save $55)

  • Only available with the purchase of one of the above refill packages

Add On Package treatment must be redeemed and used at the same time as the lash appointment. It cannot be booked and redeemed as a separate appointment.

Clients can upgrade their refill to higher week simply by paying the difference in price, Just Lashes will then increase the time required for more lashes to be applied.  Clients cannot downgrade their weeks, as the package times and prices are set and cannot be split or credited. If a client purchases a 2 week package and wishes to use a treatment at a 1 week interval, no credits will be given. It is recommended the client pay for the 1 week refill and save their package for next time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to do the packages but I can't afford a lump sum. Can I pay it off? 

Yes! Just Lashes will be offering Zip Pay and this can be used for packages - interest free. This means that you can still pay for the packages every week/fortnight/month (its up to you). You can have a Zip Pay balance of up to $1,000.  More info about Zip Pay HERE

Q. What if I move away, don't want to keep my lashes anymore or have a irritation or sensitivity? 

A refund of unused items may be an option, however as the discount was provided upon the certainty of a set amount of visits, the RRP for each of the services already redeemed will be recalculated and then a refund of the remaining difference will be provided. 

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