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Eyelash Extensions are the hottest new beauty trend! Whether you dream of more length, thickness, volume or curl, the technique involves grafting individual synthetic eyelashes one by one to your natural eyelash hair, lasting on average 4-6 weeks and indefinitely with regular refills. At Just Lashes we continue to stand out as the premium standard providers in the field. Our products are of the highest grade and our unique technique is second to none, resulting in long luscious lashes that will set hearts-a-flutter. Just Lashes is all about tailoring a look to compliment your individuality and satisfy your expectations! When you make an appointment with us at Just Lashes, you can expect to experience the true beauty benefits that only come from a service well known for expert advice and a reputation for the most beautiful results.

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Relax in the peace of mind knowing that you're always in the hands of a highly trained specialist with our Lash Gurus and Lash Masters using Internationally Award Winning Techniques!

Your Lash Gurus and Masters will show you to one of our comfy salon beds and prepare a superb complimentary eye treatment for your enjoyment during the relaxing process.

The eye treatment works beautifully while your new lashes are being grafted with the upmost precision and care. The average treatment goes for about 1 hour, but depending on which set is perfect for you it could take between 45 to 180 minutes to apply. 

Our bonding agent is a superior quality grafting glue and a special pre application formula will be applied to ensure the life of your lashes is prolonged and your great new look is protected. This means you can swim, bath and shower without concern!


We offer unparalleled services for all things lashes. After all - #lashesarelife #lashesareeverything

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Enjoy becoming a trend setting Lash Addict - there is no looking back!

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So you can roll out of bed every morning feeling Glam.

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Add an extra dimension to your final look by having a lash tint, brow tint or mixing coloured lashes.

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The perfect alternative to Lash Extensions. Get curl and lift in as little as 45 minutes



Enhance your eyes, and tidy up those other annoying areas of facial hair

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Lash-gasmic deals and offers you don't want to miss out on


1st, 4th and 5th Place champions at Lash Wars, Las Vegas 2015 and 2016

Just Lashes gets involved in many ways in the eyelash industry. We do this to ensure we're always at the top of our game, to give you the very best we can.

Click below to find out more about some of the cool things we get up to. 

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"The only drama I want in my life, is in my Lash Extensions"

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