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Just Lashes teams up with Model Rock and Melissa Sassine

This week Just Lashes Specialists gathered together from Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong and Melbourne and attended a Model Rock Strip Lashes workshop with make-up superstar – Melissa Sassine, who was our educator for the event.

Model Rock is Australia’s leader in strip lashes, offering the very best quality and the largest range.

If you have a one day special event and you don’t want to invest in a set of lash extensions (which are designed for long term wear), Strip lashes are the way to go. They are the ultimate final effect for your make up to add some serious drama! Strip Lashes are also a great alternative for those who are unable to wear extensions.

Just Lashes values the investment of ongoing training and development for our team, and we want to offer you the very best in lash services. During the workshop, we became even more skilled in:

  • Identifying Eye shapes

  • Helping our customers select the right strip lashes for their eyes

  • Working with both clear and black adhesives

  • Using Latex and Latex-free adhesives

  • Kit Ready range vs Signature range

  • Doubling up – using two or more pairs of strip lashes to create va-va-voom!

  • Best application techniques to ensure that those strips stay put all night

  • Applying Bottom Lash Strips

  • Plus lots more



# 1 - Applying mascara first helps the lashes blend.

#2 - It is best to apply the strip lashes after you do your make up- ie: the last step. However it is perfectly ok to apply first to a bare face if needed. It just means it can be a little more tricky to apply eyemake up and of course, the powders can settle on them.

#3 - Lash extensions and lash strips don’t mix…. At least not when it comes time to remove the strips. It can leave gluggly balls of glue in your lashline which then makes it very difficult for your Lash Specialist when you return for a refill. But, if you must insist (and we know that some of you will) opt for the latex glue- not the latex-free.

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