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Just Lashes speaks in New Zealand!

Eyelashes are pretty awesome. They flutter, frame out eyes and make us feel pretty darn sexy!

We all want lashes like Kim Kardashian, Audrey Hepburn or that dude we all know that totally doesn’t deserve them.

But lets face the facts. Eyelashes don’t always obey our whims. If they did, there wouldn’t be products like mascara promising sky high results, fake lashes and Google searches asking if semen makes lashes longer.

The quest is real.

So that’s where eyelash extensions come in. These are the holy grail of the eyelash industry.

And with great lashes comes great responsibility. Our eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies. Yet, many of those performing the treatment take no heed while wielding sharp tools and toxic glues next to the eyes.

Because of its popularity, there are people offering cheap procedures.

Of course, being cheap isn’t the only way a client can end up with ugly results. A careless technician can ruin even the most expensive and lucrative salons reputation. And, in our internet culture which gives us fun memes and cats in various states of cuteness, our businesses can suffer the review of one disgruntled client.

The best defence is knowledge of proper eyelash extension application and hygienic practices. Afterall, we want our customers to feel comfortable with us, and trust that we wont cause them to go blind. Our treatment shouldn’t be looked upon as risk, but instead a glorious opportunity to make the most of what nature (and science) gives.

Last week on 16th of July, Just Lashes was a guest speaker at the Lash Vision conference. Our Director, Franchisor and Head Trainer - Aleena Maney was invited as the to share her knowledge about safe lash applications, and hygienic practices. Aleena was the first speaker in the line up of 7 incredible industry experts across Australia and New Zealand.

Some of the key messages in her speech were:

* The importance of safe and hygienic practices

* Safe tweezer handling - yes our tweezers are sharp!

* Why your clients MUST keep their eyes closed

* The "S" word - Stickies....what are they and why does it matter?

* Weight matters, how to assess how much length and thickness your clients lashes can handle... ensuring natural lash health at all times!

* The importance of proper training in Bottom Lash application

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