Dec 11, 2018

Do You Want to Design a T Shirt?



So you want to start creating custom shirts because you feel that you need to make your personal branding efforts better, and because you can’t seem to find awesome shirts to buy from regular stores.

The easiest solution to your problem is to create an account at a custom t shirt website and choose your new shirts from the available inventory, before selecting a template design, or uploading your own design instead.

The custom tshirts website will take care of the actual printing and shipping, and all you have to do is think of what you will be printing on your new shirts.


Creating a New Design


If this is your first time to create a new design, you might be wondering how other shirt designers actually do it. The process is actually simpler than what many people draw it up to be.

The first step in the design process is brainstorming, or thinking of novel ways to express an idea. A design represents an idea or a collection of ideas.


Every good design begins with an idea, before anything else. Unfortunately, arriving at a good idea takes time, and people who are too impatient with the creative process tend to say that it’s hard to conceptualize a good design. What they are really having difficulty with is listing down usable ideas that can later be used for drafting the design.


List down all your ideas on a sheet of paper and play around with them. Some things to think about in order to tickle your imagination would be the following:


1. The purpose of the shirt

2. What your initial idea for the shirt was

3. The type of art that you want to use on the shirt

4. If the shirt is for a group or organization, what people expect the shirt to look like.

5. If the shirt is for a promotional event (for a business or charity), what is the central message that the event wants to communicate to people


There is no single path to creating a good design on a shirt. The inspiration to create a good design can come from almost any source, including stuff that we see in our immediate environment and all the other wellsprings of artistic inspiration that we have encountered in the past.


Whenever a person sits down to create a design, he is actually tapping his creative reserves, as well as all his experiences in the past to bring that concept to life.


A design doesn’t just come out from the woodwork with no foundation. You are the foundation of your design. The question would be: what type of foundation do you have, what are your artistic inspirations, and how do all these influence how you create art like shirt designs?


Testing the Design Out On Digital

We encourage all new designers to first draft their designs on paper, before proceeding to working on the digital version.

Even if you cannot sketch that well on paper, pen and paper just gives people the type of freedom to create that they don’t have when they’re working on digital specifically.


When you have a pretty good grasp of what you want to see on the digital version of the design, then that would be the time to work on the digital version of the design.


How do you create a digital version of your design?


To people who have been using image editing software for a long time now, software like Adobe Photoshop is the default answer.

However, there are many other illustration software out there that you can try to see if it’s a good fit with what you want to do. If you also like working on mobile like your iPad, you can download for free or buy apps that allow people to become instant artists and editing experts from their mobile devices.

The great thing about all this is you can experiment as much as you want with a current design before even uploading it to a custom tshirts website.


There is no pressure to finish quickly and you can spend a day, a week, or even two weeks on a single design, if you feel that you need that much time on your design.


Some things to think about when creating a digital design:


1. The relationship between the colors you are using on the design.

2. The appearance of the design versus what you wanted to do in the beginning.

3. How the design aligns with the purpose or intention of the design or shirt. 4. The overall aesthetic balance between the elements present in the design.

5. How the design looks once it is projected on a shirt.


For the first item, you need the help of color theory and a study of the relationship between primary and secondary colors. Blending colors, as well as the meaning of colors would help you determine the final selection of colors on a design.


If this is your first time to create a design, we suggest that you stick to a simple design with a central image and only one or two lines of large text.

Why? Because with this type of design, it will be easier to create harmony between the elements and it would also be easier to spot the effects of any changes that you make to any of the elements on the larger design as a whole.


This is what we want to: for you to be able to see the changes and act upon the effects if the effects of the changes run contrary to what you want to do in the first place. This way, your design will turn out 100% as you really wanted it to turn out.


And finally, when you think you have balanced the elements and harmonized all the colors, it’s time to put your design to the test. Upload your design using the customizing software of your chosen custom tshirts website and see how your design looks!


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Designing a t-shirt requires you to practice a lot in order to get some amount of perfection. And it requires you to invest your precious time. But with some easy tips and tricks, the entire process becomes a lot easier when you design your own t-shirt. We generally take t-shirts as versatile casual apparels.

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