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The Just Lashes Story

In 2010, Ms Aleena Maney launched into what she saw as the perfect opportunity to achieve something special and unique, a reasonably new (2009) Melbourne based business that was offering franchise opportunities and suddenly the inspiring journey began to reveal itself. Of course it didn't come without the trials and tribulations one might expect when they start out, but everything pointed toward the obvious that expanding Just Lashes was the only natural progression.

Aleena owned and operated the Just Lashes Newcastle salon as a franchisee in the Just Lashes group. In the beginning, lash extensions were new to the market, not many people in the region knew what lash extensions were, let alone who Just Lashes were! With the help of an intensive opening launch campaign backed by quality workmanship and customer service, public awareness was quickly established and positioned Just Lashes with a reputation as the leading brand for lash extensions. 

As time went by, Aleena’s commitment and passion only strengthened. She had a strong vision for the future of the Just Lashes brand and in 2014, four years after becoming a franchisee, Aleena invested out the franchise group and became the Franchisor. As a forward thinker, identifying the huge market for eyelash extensions was easy. 

By 2016, Aleena became the sole Director and Franchisor of the Just Lashes group with a focus to redevelop the core business from the foundation up.  With a variety of Directors having contributed to the model over the years, Aleena identified that in order to achieve her vision for the future of Just Lashes - to build a successful franchise system for the lash service and cosmetic product space, expanding the business across Australia and the globe, evolution was in order.


A complete re-brand was undertaken, producing an amazing brand identity with personality and consistency, to communicate the business culture, in turn fostering consumer engagement and loyalty. 

Aleena engaged business and franchising experts to revamp the business structure, develop the expansion model and to establish relationships with key stakeholders including retail landlords, manufacturers and other service providers. 

Today we are excited to be offering the new Just Lashes business opportunity for the right people who wish to join our family (the ‘Lash Fam’!) and have a number of locations ready to go. 

We always strive to the first to market a new service, technique or product in our area of expertise by sourcing the globe, conducting research and listening to our customers. Our parallel objective is to ensure that we never lose sight of our product and service quality, whilst also maintaining our ability to assist the communities we operate in by way of increased employment opportunities, participation in local charities and social events. 

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