Refills & Volume


Keep Them Looking Great


Your natural lashes grow and shed over a period of 60-90 days on a 3 stage growth cycle. The lifespan of eyelash extensions varies dependent on your natural lash cycle and how well you care for them. Over a period of time you will notice the volume of your grafted lashes subtly thinning.

On average, you can expect to lose approximately 10 lashes per eye per week. You may lose a couple within the first few days and that is quite normal. At times you may shed more than others and its not uncommon to lose more from one eye than the other. Following our aftercare advice (to reduce the amount of lashes lost through wear and tear) and returning for regular refills will ensure your lashes continue to look as great as they did on day one!

The price varies for refills, it depends on how long you go between visits but as a price guide, it is between $40 – $80 and maximum duration between refills is 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, we charge for a full set.

Want More? Add a Volume Boost

Add To The Impact


When you really want to stand out and be noticed. Our Accredited Specialists can do simply amazing things for you by adding extra Volume to your Lashes.

Add extra time to your appointment when extra volume is needed or desired.

Great for those visits where you’ve lost more than usual or when you simply want more, more, more!

An extra $10 is all it takes for 20 more lashes

Excess Losses

To be fair and consistent our prices are based on a set number of lashes per eye, determined by average loss over each weekly interval. If you think you have lost more than expected please call us to discuss adding extra time to your appointment with a volume boost or even a new set at a reduced cost to you.

Lashes done elsewhere??

Yes, we can help with refills

Occasionally clients come to us to take over maintenance and refills. We are happy to take over maintenance as long as the workmanship is to a quality standard.

We will not refill lashes that are clumped, stuck, stiff, too close to the skin or causing any potential irritation or damage to the natural lashes. The specialist will first assess your extensions and inform you whether we can or cannot perform a refill. If you have booked in only for a refill and when you arrive we inform we cant work with them, you can decide whether you would like a removal today and rebook your new set, or if you would prefer not to proceed all together.

We suggest you come in for a quick consultation, or at least call us first, and then make your appointment, knowing whether you are booking in for a refill or a new set....we would hate to see you disappointed,