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Eyelash Extension In-House Traineeship

The Eyelash Angels

Just Lashes have identified that most training available is inadequate to the standards we strive for, and there is no official Traineeship in this industry, so we have carefully crafted our own Traineeship from which a number of total novices are emerging as fully Accredited Specialists....indeed one has already placed 4th in LashWars in Las Vegas.

Many of these will go on to set up their own businesses under the Just Lashes group, while many simply enjoy working as employees in the environment that we have at Just Lashes.

Our Traineeship lasts almost a full year and our graduates learn all aspects of Eyelash Extensions, and the complimenting services we offer, under fully qualified and experienced Master Specialists. We do take partially experienced Trainees onboard occasionally and the first part of the training establishes whether you can be Fast-tracked to a more advanced part of the course once we have ironed out any bad habits.

Register your interest and we may even have a vacancy we can line you up with.

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