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  • I love visiting the girls at Tuggerah and they are the best ambassadors for your company!!!! I just love my lashes and Bianca usually attends to me but lately Maddie and Kym have been practicing on my volume Russian lashes and I love being a guinea pig!!!!  You have saved a lady with thin and grey lashes from being seen as a pensioner and I now look modern and up to date.  Thank you so much for coming to Tuggerah and I know Bianca and the team are busy all the time and deservedly so.  They are great.  Cannot praise them enough.  Thanks again, Chris Kensey.

  • "Just wanted to say thank you to both girls that looked after me and done my lashes. And for the courtesy call yesterday to check on them, I missed it, but have never had that before so that's nice!! The other ones were removed 😓 and a new set applied... Thank god! I think I will be more selective on who touches my lashes now just not worth the damage. Thank you again!!" - Danielle
  •  "Emma does an amazing set of lashes she is gentle and listens to what u ask for but most of all understands that every body's lashes and looks are different! I got a gorgeous natural look and couldn't be happier!!" - Sharna
  • "Thank you for the confirmation email and thanks to Hannah for a great treatment today. See you in 5 weeks(after Christmas) Much appreciated" - Lynne
  • “ Thank you Kelly, I am very happy with my experience and the confidence and expertise you exhibited.” - Donna
  • "Last time Kelly did my lashes they were amazing and probably one of the best refills I have ever had, they look so pretty." - Chrystal
  • "Thank you...always love getting my lashes done...the girls are so lovely and friendly and simply the best at what they do...XXX" - Renee
    “This is by far the best set of lashes I’ve ever had! I absolutely love them, thank you Hannah!” - Jorja
  • "Very happy, Bianca is great" - Justine
  • "Re Anne, I have been getting lashes done for many years and she is by far the best I have had, very professional and a skilled tradeswoman. My experience at Docklands was exceptional."
  • "Anne looked after me today at St Kilda – she was very thorough and gentle and did a lovely job for me!  Previously I had Bibi looking after me at St Kilda and she also did a terrific job.....By the way, I just wanted to add that there is a very distinct improvement in service since you bought the business – thank you!..Sue
  • " Thank you for always making me feel a million bucks and making me laugh! I love our weekly catch ups and I can safely say I have made some new friends in the process."- Becky
  • "Dear girls, love coming down to visit as I always leave feeling extra special and continue to receive compliments about my lashes! Love them. Thanks." - Johanna
  • "Thanks girls for the awesome lashes. Good job. Awesome service. Thanks." - Melissa
  • "I love my new lashes!! Seriously happy. See you again soon." - Kim
  • " Thanks, best lashes in town and the conversation is always entertaining." - Jayne
  • "Thank you for my eyelashes, they look great." - April
  • "Thank you for my marvelous lashes. You are the best lashes in town." - Dani
  • "Aleena, I love my lashes, they're always perfect and make me feel awesome. Thanks girls." - Kristy
  • "You guys are brilliant. Thank you." - Jo
  • "Thanks Aleena & team, you always make me feel beautiful." - Eva
  • "Just Lashes Rulz" - anonymous
  • "You are awesome." Love Mel
  • "I love coming to Just Lashes it makes me feel confident when I leave. I love the time out and catch up with the lovely girls. I always have a chat and a laugh it’s a great experience." - Tara
  • "I've had lashes done elsewhere & these girls know what they're doing - GORGEOUS! Perfect! Thank you." - Kay
  • " Always love seeing you girls to glam up my lashes!" - Mel
  • "Best lash service around. I'm HOOKED!" - Ashy
  • " I love my lashes each & everytime I come out of Just Lashes. Feeling like a princess. I love the team - focused but always makes you feel special and important." - Leanne
  • "The girls here are absolutely gorgeous and are almost like family now! I love coming here!!!! Couldn’t ask for better service!! And never had a bad lot of lashes and spray tans are impeccable!!" - Meghan
  • "Ladies, you have made my day, week, year! All the best." Sarah
  • " Thanks for the lush lashes!" - Stefi
  • "Thank you for always looking after me" - Kirsty
  • " Professional, friendly and glamorous lashes! I am incredibly impressed by their services and would not go anywhere else." - Kristina
  • " Classic set all the way they are awesome and you will not leave disappointed trust me. I only get my lashes done at Just Lashes for various reasons but my eyes are really sensitive the girls there are amazing and take extra special care and the glue is very safe. The girls use individual lashes as well and not chunk them on like some places. They will fill your eyes up as much as they can but if you have more natural lashes you can fit more on as you can attach the extensions to them. You can also get varying lengths. I get a mix of 11 and 13s. 13 are long and I love them but they are a little heavier so I get them on the ends. Check out the different sets online but you won't be let down with Just Lashes. I have been going there since it opened a few years ago now and since using them I wouldn't use anybody else. I got addicted to mine they make you feel so pretty and confident. " - Tara
  • "What a fabulous event being a client of Just Lashes. Absolutely fabulous" - Louise 
  • " I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank both Helen and Barbara for assisting me with a revisit to the St Kilda Salon last night to touch up my lashes following my appointment the night before on Wednesday. I was concerned with how my re-visit would go and how I would be treated (as can be the general case sometimes) but when I attended the St Kilda salon, I was greeted with a welcoming smile from Barbara and a very warm personality. I left the salon last night feeling very happy with my lashes and the amazing touch up Barbara did with such an obliging nature. I always enjoy seeing Barb when it's time for my re-fills! Thank you both for assisting me so quickly with my re-visit given I have a wedding to attend on Saturday and wanted my lashes to look amazing and they now do!" - Tracy
  • " Had my lashes done at St Kilda yesterday afternoon. I am so thrilled - not even the slightest reaction!!! How interesting huh??? Cassie was great. She had a good look at their previous work and thought that they had probably placed the lashes too close to the skin. Also she thought maybe another possible reason could have been hygiene. She said she has seen people with a bacterial reaction like mine for no apparent reason if the tools they use are not completely clean, you can get an infection. No need for the Signacort or anything else - yay." - Kim
  • " Just a quick thank you for achieving a great result whitening my old teeth.
    Your friendly service and proffessional manner helped relax me on my first "Teeth Whitening" experience.
    I went to a luncheon on Friday and felt confident being able to smile without worrying about my teeth.
    Thank you" -  Susanne
  • " Hi, got my new lashes yesterday from Kylie at Moonee Ponds.  I wanted barbie lashes but she explained they weren't suitable for my eyes.  I went with glam and they truly are glam.  I can't stop fluttering my eyes and looking in the mirror."- Lissa
  • "Hi, I'm a regular customer of your for over a year and a half!!!! I just wanted to pass on a massive thank you for the tickets i got to Stakes day! i had the most wonderful day and really appreciated the gesture!! Sadly i did not win any money but i least my eyelashes looked great! Thanks" Shannon
  • "I just wanted to give you and your staff at just lashes Moonee Ponds, a great big thank you! I am absolutely thrilled with the results, my teeth whitening looks amazing! and I have received compliment after compliment about my beautiful long lashes. I can't wait to come back for some more great treatments. So in the mean time I will be recommending Just Lashes to all of my friends. Thanks again" - Casey from Essendon
  • "I had my lashes done on May 13th of this year before leaving for a holiday in Malaysia.
    When I arrived at my appointment, I spent some time chatting with the lady about what options were available (she was EXTREMLY helpful... I have forgotten her name, but she had a Scottish accent). In the end I decided to get the Glamour set done. Initially I loved the look of them and I left a very happy customer.  But when I got home and had a shower and stared at myself for a while, I decided that the lashes were not for me.  I then rang the 1300 number and explained my situation and asked for the easiest method to remove them - I was told baby oil.  So off I went to the supermarket.  When I got home again, I decided to keep the lashes on for a little bit longer and just take the baby oil away with me in case I want to take them off then. It's now been 5 weeks since I have had my lashes done... and I still have them on!  I think at first the look of having such bold lashes scared me as it wasnt what I was used to looking like, but now I LOVE them!  They have lasted my holiday which involved swimming everyday (although they are a little annoying in water) and they are still looking great!  I love not having to put on mascara!!! So I just wanted to thank you for an excellent job, and apologise for the initial freak out!  I will be sure to use your services again one day and definitely recommend you to my friends!!!"...MS. E.Powell
  • "I had to write and share my thoughts with you - I have been to 7 different beauty salons that offer eyelash extensions over the last 2 years and have never been happy - from swollen eyelids, to big clumps of glue, to heaviness and excessive blinking, thank the lord i found Just Lashes, not only is it the best job  i have ever had done, but the staff are so fantastic - i am recommending you to all of my friends and work colleagues and you have a client for life. - thank you so much for getting it right" Miss Powell (Melb CBD)
  • "Wanted to let you know about  my recent experience, my girlfriend and I both knew we needed to do something special, so we booked our lashes & teeth with your August Special, then we went across the road to New Quay Promenade and had a sensational lunch and glass of wine - it is one of those days that will stick with me forever & I cannot begin to tell you how much my confidence has increased, I feel so beautiful, my lashes are lovely & natural and have opened my eyes right up, my teeth are pearly white and I find myself smiling more to show off and due to being happy about the way I look"
  • "Thank you angels - you were all so wonderful to deal with.  My sister and her girlfriend are booked for next week and my brother and one of his mates are doing the teeth whitening 1st week of September" Lucy (Docklands)
  • "It's John, I wanted to say thank you for making my visit to your salon so warm, i guess it may be unusual for guys to want eyelash extensions, but i was made to feel so special from the minute I called you to book and my experience in your lash lounge was magnificent, i love the lashes and my dazzling white teeth, have heaps of friends that want to come and see you" John (Templestowe)
  • "You did my teeth recently and as you know I was so nervous about sensitivity, the whole experience was smooth and relaxing, my teeth are great and being in the corporate world, has greatly increased my confidence..thanks heaps gorgeous" Peter (AFL)
  • "Firstly, I just wanted to thank you for the extra effort you made to get my hair extensions to me for the big party on the weekend when I only ordered on the Wednesday.  Secondly, the extensions are sensational, as I said on the phone, I had just got my hair cut after having it long for years & I felt terrible without it, the extensions, were better quality than my own hair & as you sell the 8 pieces, I wear a few to work for a little volume & the full head on the weekends when I go out.  Thanks so much"...Julie (Epping)
  • "I visited your new CBD suite recently to get my very first set of eyelash extensions, I am a flight attendant & my appearance is crucial for my job, from start to finish, the whole experience was sensational, I only had limited time for appointments, & I was squeezed in to suit my needs after hours, the application was so relaxing with the Crystal Collagen Anti Wrinkle eye pads, which I ended up buying 20 of - they are sensational.  And my new lashes have made me so happy & confident. Thanks for a great experience, I will be visiting for refills regularly on my time off in Melbourne"...Sandra (Melbourne CBD)
  • "I had a set of lash extensions put on by one of your ladies for my 21st birthday party in September & I was a little nervous as I hadn't heard much about them before discovering your website, but I so love them now, I get your lady to refill them every 2 weeks & they are just part of me now, I couldn't imagine not having them, they have really increased my confidence & everyone comments on them"...Jodie (Eltham)
  • "I recently booked my wedding party, 4 bridesmaids, 2 mothers & myself to get hair & lashes done by your company, the girls worked on the family the week before the wedding & I just wanted to say thank you not just for transforming them into true beauties but the service we received was magnificent, You were true professionals & made all of us feel very relaxed & confident.  The big day was sensational but I wanted to thank you for making it that little bit extra special & now we have the beautiful photo's to prove it" Mrs B. Murphy
  • "I have bought hair extensions from your website & recently had my lashes done, I am beside myself, I look like a new woman & always thought it would mean cosmetic surgery & thousands of dollars to change my looks, you have really helped me through this & I am so very grateful to you for your patience & understanding, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart & will be a lifelong customer of yours. Thanking you"...Sarina (Port Melbourne)
  • Hello, it's Athena, I met you a few weeks ago to get my lash extensions, they are fantastic, everyone keeps asking me what is different about me & I just give them your phone number.... I wanted to write this email just to let you know that you offer excellent service....  I have been so impressed & have recommended my work colleagues, friends & family to come to you. You are the best"...Athena (CBD)
  • "Want to wish you & the crew Merry Xmas & Happy New Year & say thanks heaps for my lashes, all my life I have been overly conscious of having very space lashes & it has always bothered me, my first visit to you we got about 20 on each eye & then every 2 weeks you put a few more in & now they are just like a hollywood star, don't laugh - but it has changed my life, when I go out with friends to nightclubs I am so much more confident now with guys. You gave me the best xmas present ever."...Karen (Mill Park)
  • "I visited your website 4 times before I finally called the 1300 no & spoke to someone, who answered all of my questions & gave me the confidence to purchase my new hair extensions, my marriage has been re-kindled, my husband is so happy with my new look, I can't believe it - I look like a new person.  I don't know how to say thank you enough, you were so understanding & had the patience to wait for me to make a decision, then I followed your advice went to a salon & they cut the hair to suit my own style.  I am so happy & want to say thank you, thank you thank you & from my hubby as well"....Rachel (Lalor)