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Things to remember before your appointment

  • It is most important your lashes are clean
  • Please don't use waterproof mascara prior to your appointment time
  • You might want to remove your contact lenses prior to the application unless they can be left in while your eyes are closed
  • Hold off from using your lash curler 72 hours prior to your appointment
  • Those with morning appointments, avoid using moisturiser around your eyes
  • It's best young children are not brought into the studio for the benefit of you and the other clients as they can get restless and distracting for everyone including you

Your first appointment

Timekeeping is important for us to ensure that you get the treatment you intended. We can't go over time as this will put the next client at a disadvantage so please make sure your arrive 5 - 10 minutes early so you can relax before we start

Our Just Lashes Accredited Specialists are watchfully trained to recognise and understand the unique needs of each client we assist. They all do a great job so to keep all our clients happy we might need to change rosters and have you experience different Specialists from time to time.

Our objective is to help you achieve the look you dream about, and in order to help you do that safely we recommend that you read the information provided here. Once we have established how best to define your features with your lash extensions, your personal technician will begin to weave her magic!

We take you through our unique GODDESS process to ensure that the outcome that you get is a great result. The GODDESS process enables you to make the right decision so you are elated with your new look having been fully informed and consulted throughout.

We provide after care cards that teach you how to care for, maintain and prolong your lashes after they are applied, so you can apply our professional care standards in your own home. Make sure you take one of our Aftercare cards and follow the advice to ensure the longevity and comfort of your Eyelash Extensions.

First-timers we encourage to come back in 2 weeks to get your refills as you are on your 'L' plates so potentially lose more than you normally would.

You need to make sure you use the right After Care Products as regular chemical based Mascaras and some Cleansers can spoil your lovely lashes. We have sourced a specialist range of After Care products to help you achieve a longer lasting result without having to go hunting for the safest options...we have them here.

NOTE! Most clients are so happy with their new look; their new lashes defy the need for mascara! Just Lashes eyelash extensions can mean freedom from the streaking, smudging or feathering that your chemical mascaras in the past may be responsible for- yet another perk of booking your appointment with the Just Lashes team!

Occasionally we receive phone calls from clients that have reacted to Eyelash Extensions and are uncomfortable.

If this is due to the mucus membrane of the eye being irritated by the glue, you will see a puffiness and feel a strong itch within 24-48 hours, so if this is you we recommend a removal.

Just Lashes highly trained technicians have a way to reduce this reaction to a minimum, but it may still occur for a rare few.

If you do experience an allergy or reaction, please check here for our guide as to what might be happening in your case as there are some simple home remedies to help you, but always feel free to contact our HELP DESK for support if you are not sure.

NB - we will not work on irritated eyes, you must let the allergy settle prior to booking with us.

Select Your Style

Wing Effect

Girls seeking a quick and low cost alternative to a full set will be hooked on our special Wing Effect- an exotic touch at an incredibly affordable $60.

With a short application time it is hard to go past for the party season!

NB - only suitable for girls with a good set of lashes, it does not work on short or sparce lashes.

Express (Light in Volume)

A petite and economical set of lashes for those wanting an elegant enhancement without going to a fuller volume set!

At only $99 this is a great way to find out how much you really like them as clients starting with the Express will often come back for an upgrade when they get their refills

Classic (Full in Volume)

The ultimate mascara replacement! The Award Winning Classic is our most popular style at $150.

Whether you want a natural or glamour look, we create a design to make hearts flutter. The Just Lashes Classic look is characterised by thicker and fuller lash volume. Our clients just love the fullness and lasting ability of the Classic.

Advanced Glam (Dramatic in Volume)

WOW factor! For sassy ladies who want an extra thick, dark look!

The opulent look is best suited to those with existing volume. Ladies that can support the full volume of this breathtaking lash will be delighted with our Advanced Glam Set for $199.

VolumEyes (Russian 2D-6D Extreme)

Serious Eye Candy! Eyelash Extensions like you have never seen before! With regular extensions, the amount of volume we can create is limited by how many natural lashes you have.

Not any more! 2x 3x 4x 5x the volume with our new revolutionary technique allowing us to add multiples of lightweight lashes to your own to give you the volume you always dreamed of for just $250.

Bottom Lashes

Open up the eyes even more with this sassy addition to your final look for only $40!

Your specialist will determine in your consultation whether you are a candidate for Bottom Lashes.