After Care Kit

Mineral Mascara

Your regular chemical mascara will cause clumping and the chemicals used to compose it can actually dissolve the bonding agent we use.

Our gorgeous Mineral Mascara coats the extension like a cocoon, lengthening, thickening and further creating a truly divine enhancement for your lashes. It also contains an oil free conditioning agent to help keep your extensions flexible. Available in Clear and Black, this superb product will ensure your lashes stay at the same great standard you expect them to.

NOTE! Most clients are so happy with their new look; their new lashes defy the need for mascara! Just Lashes lash extensions can mean freedom from the streaking, smudging or feathering that your chemical mascaras in the past may be responsible for.

Mineral Cleanser

Its important to clean your eyelash extensions to remove dirt, dust and impurities that build up. However your regular cleansers can reduce the life of your lashes.

Just Lashes has our own oil free mineral cleanser which is gentle for all skin types yet effective for full face cleansing- there are testers available in your Just Lashes Studio.

Mineral Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners are normally oil based. Apply this to your eyeline and you can expect premature loss of your extensions.

Just Lashes oil free liquid mineral eyeliner is available in a variety of colours.

Cute Purse

AfterCare Kit1Protect and prolong your eyelash extensions by keeping your Mineral Mascara, Mineral Liquid Eyeliner and Mineral Cleanser in our cute cosmetic purse for your convenience.